PAPER’s Astrological Guide to Hot Boy Summer Glam

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Iggy Rosales is the maestro of manes and oracle to the hair Gods. When he isn’t prepping wigs for Hollywood starlets like Kim Petras or Christina Aguilera, he’s reading horoscopes, consulting star charts and whispering sweet nothings to the planets to channel divine inspiration.

The stylist has taken his craft to cosmic heights for PAPER by creating 12 different men’s hairstyles, each inspired by the astrological signs. Whether you’re a bold Aries or a mysterious Scorpio, prepare yourself for celestial transcendence as Rosales cuts, clips and coifs your way to astrological alignment.

Discover your hot boy summer glam, below.


You impulsively start an argument just to spice up your day. Why not offend those around you with a big, unnecessary stripe of fluorescent hair just to stir the pot? Wet and wild always does the trick, and it’s the perfect conversation starter.


Summer’s here and so is your insatiable need for another attention grabbing bag. Seriously Taurus, how many bags does one bull need? The answer: Just one more, preferably Versace. While you’re at it you should consider painting yourself silver, because why not? Metallics are always in style.


Gemini’s are always leaving a trail of flames behind them. Remember that sometimes it can be cute to stick around and appreciate the fire you started as a platinum blonde with glitter tears of joy inspired by the misery of others.


Still carrying a grudge against the rest of the world? Cancers love to hide from all responsibility, so why not disappear into a warm bubble bath and spend the entire summer sulking… I mean, soaking? Isolation is your friend, and who needs beach parties when you can embrace your inner hermit crab and enjoy your solitude surrounded by suds.


You’re as stubborn as a blood stain on white silk (and just as impossible to remove), so embrace it with fire engine red hair. Complete the look with a Thom Browne suit, and let the world know they’d better steer clear. Not today Satan, there’s a new kid on the block.


Everyone knows you’re the living embodiment of organized chaos. So why not team your dreamy ’70s blowout with a punk-inspired look that keeps everyone guessing? You know you’re the only one who can pull it off.


You’re constantly obsessing over every social engagement in your life: A day of shopping? An appearance in Malibu? Combine your love of both with a pastel surf look that screams, “You’ll find me by the beach, but never in the water.”


You’re always maintaining a mysterious reputation. Take it to the next level with a purple glitter fortress where you can safely store everyone’s secrets. You know just when to unleash them to get the reaction you want.


Forever the life of the party, you crave attention while simultaneously not giving a damn. Cement your status as eternally VIP with a Japanese pop-inspired hairstyle, bejeweled teeth and a strange toy to steal the spotlight at your next red carpet event.


This season you’ll be rocking a mane so voluminous it has its own gravitational pull. It’s giving rich private school vibes on the wrong side of town. Who cares about failing college when mommy and daddy can just bribe the principal?


Embrace your unpredictable British bad boy. It’s time to channel ’90s David Beckham with a twist of glitter. Just make sure you don’t get a lick of dirt on that Balenciaga. You’re a water sign, so you need to avoid the mud at all costs.


Am I the drama? Yes, you are, but we love you all the same. Your dual nature fights to swim in opposite directions, making it hard to make decisions. Find your balance and trust your intuition with a tennis yellow cockatoo cut.

Photography: Thom Kerr (at Paradis Agency)

Styling: Marc Eram (at A-Frame Agency)

Makeup: Michael Anthony (At Opus Beauty)

Hair: Iggy Rosales (at Forward Artists)

Art Director: Christina Giddens-Garcia

Studio: Terraform LA

Models: Edward Zo, Iggy Rosales and Bryce Robling (at One Management)

Wigs created using Moon Fiber

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